Creating Social Art

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Creating Social Art

After Berlin (1998), Dornach (2001), Prague (2005), The Hague (2008) and Vienna
(2011), the Sixth Congress “In der Begegnung Leben” is coming to Brussels, the capital
of Europe. Brussels is a treasure trove of art and culture. Our eventful history and the various communities in Belgium have given us a wealth of experience in the art of meeting and working together.

In the European Union 28 countries are working together to build the future of Europe, and over 215 countries are represented here.

A good conversation can feel so great. It gives courage and joy, sometimes comfort. What can I do to make the other feel totally seen, understood and appreciated? In encounters with other people, I often get new ideas, inspiration and desire to create something new together. How do we get in such a creative mood?

In working with art we meet the world and other people on a deeper level. What helps me to fully express myself and to create something beautiful together? This we want to explore together in heartfelt meetings, enjoyable conversations and creative workshops. And we want to celebrate that we as free individuals together can create something new.

How can we together make this conference into a great and memorable work of art?



Practical information

Location: The conference will take place in the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, BOZAR, in the heart of Brussels.

When: The conference will take place from 6 to 9 May 2015.

Program: artistic workshops with music, painting, modeling, …; discussion groups, dance studios; excursions, exploring the beauty of architecture, street theater; Visiting museums of fi ne arts and musical instruments; excursions to the Atomium, Mini Europe; cultural evening with contributions from all countries; folk dance ball with live music; concert; enjoying delicious chocolates, waffl es or french fries; …
Upon arrival you can choose which workshop you want to participate in.

Cost: The participation fee is € 500. This includes all activities of the conference, meals and lodging.

How many participants: We can welcome 650 participants from all over the world. The sooner you register and pay the contribution, the more certain you are that you can participate.

Overnight: We stay in youth hostels in the Brussels area, that can be reached by foot or public transport. The youth hostels are wheelchair accessible.

Meals: Breakfast is used in the youth hostels. The other meals take place in the BOZAR. We also provide vegetarian dishes but serve no alcoholic beverages.

Translations: The congress languages are: Dutch, English, German and French.

Organization: The congress is organized by a team of volunteers from Belgium, Holland and Germany, legally carried by the Michaëlis association in collaboration with the European Cooperation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy, ECCE.

Fundraising: A congress with so many activities costs a lot of money. Every participant can help and ask family and friends for financial support. On our website you will find some practical advice!

We want to support participants from financially weak countries with a 50% discount. We are looking for sponsors to make this possible.